Change Trainer, Founder, Mindtrac Consulting

Gene Kok is the Founder and CEO of Mindtrac Consulting in the business of Change. As a certified instructor for Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, Prof. John Kotter’s Change Essentials and Shawn Anchor’s Happiness Advantage. He has helped organisations of various sizes including Fortune 500 companies to think, innovate and navigate through change and disruption with the lens of Positive Psychology.

His vision is to reshape the narrative surrounding change, and his experience in business, consulting and training for the past 12 years had led him to believe that when combined with the right mindset, thinking framework and proven structures, change can be positive, engaging and acts as a springboard for growth.

In his free time, he enjoys working out, meditating and giving his British shorthair cat a belly rub.



Strengths Coach and PP Practitioner

Hanaa discovered Positive Psychology in 2009 when she attended the Happiness & Its Causes conference in Sydney and went on to take her Diploma in Positive Psychology & Wellbeing in 2016. Hanaa is the founder of her training company Rema Synergy and with her life and business partner, Johan, practice Positive Psychology in their professional and personal lives.

Hanaa is passionate about empowering her community to be the best version of themselves, through self-discovery using Strength Profiling to help teams and coaches understand their unique strengths to take action for peak performance.

In her spare time, Hanaa enjoys reading fiction and has recently discovered pole fitness and both contribute to her mental and physical fitness management.



Director of My Global World

Hema Doraisamy is the Director of My Global World. She is into education business affiliated with institutions from Switzerland, Denmark and US. She does international & local student recruitment and marketing for the institutions respectively and she also lectures Business & Management subjects.

Her specialization is providing quality academic qualifications for the busy matured working class personals as well as young adults who are thriving to achieve their career dream.

She has learnt the art of communication skills and staying positive from her parents, who are her mentors and inspirations towards building a good career in the education business.

Hema enjoys travelling and watching movies. She is passionate about empowering the community by spreading positivity and doing social work. She is also a Rotarian attached with Rotary Club of Lake Gardens Kuala Lumpur.



Certified Coach and PP Practitioner

“A session with Johan can save you years of Business mistakes”, “Realistic, Direct and Brutally Honest”.

There are how I’ve been described by my clients.

I enjoy helping my clients transform and perform at their highest potential. I do this by being their number one cheerleader, their sounding board and the drill sergeant they never knew they needed before.

My coaching style applies many of the Positive Psychology concepts such as celebrating and anchoring success to enhance Positive Emotions, pointing my clients to what they do that makes their energy levels rise, on building relationships, resilience and having the proper growth mindset for them to handle the challenges that come their way and achieve their fullest potential self.



Founder, Shine from Within MPPA EXCO

June Yap founded Shine From Within, a one stop solution personal coaching and training consultancy firm that focuses to empower women to transition from Pain to Gain. As an Empowerment & Pageant Coach, she aspires to help women to experience live changing results by embracing self-love, charting a renewed vision and a deeper passion to live a full and abundant live.

June believes that strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t, and, in order to become a bigger Person, you need to walk into a bigger Vision. Over the years, June has embraced and imparted with many others, the 6C’s of life — You have the Choice to take the Chance or your live will never Change. Unlock your Courage and Confidence and tell yourself that you Can, Shine From Within to live your dreams!

June enjoys going to the gym or going into the greens to hike, for a fresh air, a time of solitude and a little adventure.



Entrepreneur, Seasoned Meditator

Shawn is passionate about business venture. He is currently into partnership with different partners for 3 of his businesses that covering training provision, bird’s nest processing and food & beverage. Shawn always believes that when we leverage and synergize with each other we could fave better result.

Shawn is a seasoned mediator. He practices Transcendental Meditation (TM) regularly. He is very grateful to have learned TM as he was transformed to a better person through practicing TM regularly. The benefits he has gained from TM not only a peace of mind and stress relief but also positive thinking, calmness, creativity, clear thought process and many more.

Other than meditation, Shawn also likes to enjoy and appreciate the creation of Mother Nature.