Conference-What Is It & About

The 1st Asia Pacific Positive Psychology Conference, organised by Malaysia Positive Psychology Association is an exceptional 1-day virtual event with high-quality keynote addresses, oral presentations and a panel discussion.The purpose of organising this fully online, inaugural conference is to raise awareness of Positive Psychology in Malaysia and in Asia Pacific.

To achieve this MPPA is bringing together international and closer to home speakers who are real-life practitioners of Positive Psychology. Keynotes and addresses at this Asia Pacific Positive Psychology Conference will be covering the broad theme of positive psychology, and its related components and applications.

Attendees can look forward to hearing from the leaders in the profession and in industry on topics such as strengths, mindfulness, optimism, hope and wellbeing.

We hope that this conference will provide a stimulating avenue to learn, exchange ideas, network and embrace the science of positive psychology, wellbeing and applications.