All membership applicants will be proposes and seconded by current MPPA members. The membership in MPPA comprises three (3) categories, namely Ordinary, Student and Corporate memberships.

  1. Ordinary Membership – Open to all adults aged 21 tears and above.
  2. Student Membership – Open to all students registered in learning institutions in Malaysia or students who are studying the science of psychology.
  3. Corporate Membership – Open to any organisation with 20 or more employees.

It is important to bring all who are interested to promote and advocate for positive mental health in our society together.

Membership in MPPA means:
• You will receive the latest information on events and developments in this field in Malaysia.

•  You can connect with other positive psychology practitioners globally through our network for further self-development.

• Preferential consideration at events, programs, conferences organized by MPPA.

Subscription & Fees

Entrance Fee:
RM100.00 (one-time payment)

Yearly Subscription:
Ordinary Membership      RM240.00
Student Membership        RM50.00
Corporate Membership    RM1,000.00

Please make all payments to:
Bank: CIMB
Account No: xxxx xxxx xxxx